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Larry Horowitz

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Larry Horowitz takes the viewer of his work on a joy ride....sometimes favoring abstraction while most other times, impressionism. Hold onto yourself as you glide through his magnificent landscapes infused with beauty and nostalgic moments

Quotes from and about the artist:  "I think that every painting has a mystery, a secret. The success of painting demands that the secret gets out."  Larry Horowitz   "When painting a landscape, one needs to be more than an artist. You need to be a meteorologist to paint the sky, a geologist to paint the rocks and an architect to paint a house."  Larry Howowitz   "I have watched Larry's landscape paintings and pastels grow over the years, gaining in intensity and in conviction.  The recent works represent an interesting mix of direct information gained outside from looking at nature and all kinds of secondary influences derived from enthusiastically absorbing paintings from the nineteenth centuries. The result is highbred art, a mixture of spontaneity and nostalgia."  Wolf Kahn, artist

Little Harbor Sunset 42" x 45" oil on canvas
Summer 24" x 32" oil on canvas
Hilltop Farm 31" x 41" oil on canvas
Late Afternoon Shadows 42" x 62" oil on canvas
Reflections 18" x 24" oil on canvas
Hanover View 26" x 36" oil on canvas
Two Umbrellas 18" x 42" oil on canvas
Morning Snow 26" x 36" oil on canvas
Beach Sunset 30" x 40" oil on canvas
Harwich Beach 11" x 14" oil on panel
Getting Wet in the Marsh 11" x 18" pastels on paper
Childres Playing, Setauket Harbor 6" x 7" pastels on paper