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Willie Kohler

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"My paintings often have their genesis in a walk somewhere that resonates powerfully for me. This is usually nature, but could be urban and definitely includes visits to art museums. Walking in these magical places feels like a celebration of being alive, being in a body in this marvelous world of creation. As I will stop as forms begin to interest me, begin to suggest a nascent meaning and essential order. It could be the spikiness of deadfall, the strangeness of a bark pattern, rocks that tumble or pile in a rhythmic dynamic, the pull of a trail moving through wilds, or sometimes the presence of an animal, bird or birds that bring my attention to a particular location. Willie Kohler

Axis Monday 13" x 11" watercolor
Mound 26" x 24" oil on canvas
Hedgerow 40" x 30" oil on canvas
Red Tree 19" x 13" oil on panel
Waterfall 72" x 42" oil on canvas
She Brings the Calm 34" x 26"
Wild Landscape 18" x 24" oil on panel
Magpie 26" x 22" oil on canvas
Pink Wrap 13" x 19" oil on panel

High Desert 12" x 26" oil on panel