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Lasha Khidasheli

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Art is Huge!  It is the beautiful face of God’s expression in human beings. This expression contains spiritual growth and attracts the feeling of an unknown world that exists beyond our vision. The reaction of our feelings and emotions that we receive from beautiful artwork is something that connects us to the universe. We are truly continuing the whole world’s system of harmony.  The individual face of art creates light and love that cannot destroy anything in its space. This space which surrounds us is full of many different kinds of characteristics of an unknown abstract life. Of course, reality is beautiful and defensible in its nature, but there is another side of life—the abstract world—about which we need to learn. The abstract vision is real; it is just the existence of a world on the other side that we are not capable of realizing yet.  Lasha Khidasheli

Click here to see artist creating "Trinity", one of his stone sculptures.

Space of the Future Serpentine on Granite Base 31x39x6

Detail of Space of the Future

Miniature Trio 8"x2"x1" largest size

Last Civilization Travertine Marble on Granite Base, 58x17x12

Silence 47" x 8" x 8" Serpentine stone on granite base

Trinity Limestone on Granite Base 66x96x36
Stratum 96x36x40 metal