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Current Show

"Callas" by Carl Plansky 84x74 oil on linen


 Figuratively Speaking

Paintings and Drawings from the Plansky Collection

  Plansky’s paintings of figures are smart hybrids of refined 19th century academic figure studies with portraits documenting the very genesis of human life. Limbs posed in classic stances are at once liquid and solid, seemingly unsure if they are supposed to remain flesh or dissolve and transmute into another state of being. With these paintings, Plansky shows us in a very visceral manner how the body is strong, sensual, handsomely proportioned and pleasing to the eye, and yet is forever destined to rot, decay and cease to be. It’s a beautiful, if slightly melancholic, challenge to the viewer to fully occupy and enjoy their corporeal selves, and by extension to fully embrace their day-to-day existence.    Brice Brown


We feel that Brice Brown's description of Carl Plansky's figure paintings captures the essence of the artist's work.  Our exhibition for the month of August features a broad selection of paintings and charcoal drawings from the collection.  His ability to capture the grace of a dancer in motion or the athleticism of runners at rest are captivating. 


Paintings on paper and linen are combined with his charcoal drawings to create an exceptional exhibition. 

Here are a few examples from our show which runs through August 29th:


Dancer at Rest 30" x 22" oil on paper
30" x 22" oil on paper
Trombone Player 30" x 22" m/m on paper
Dancer #12 24" x 18" charcoal on paper
Runner 80" x 36" oil on panel
Dr. Bob with Red Chair 30" x 22" oil on paper
Dancer #3 37" x 23" charcoal on paper
After the Run #6 20" x 18" oil on linen
Profile in Yellow 86" x 66" oil on linen
Aprile Millo 30" x 22" oil on paper
Green Hat 60" x 40" oil on linen
Kate in Pink 30" x 22" oil on paper