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Current Show

Daniel Bayless, Solo Exhibition

Bayless observes the natural elements of a scene. Using powerful brushwork and luminosity, he arranges them within the frame of his canvas in such a manner that the viewer experiences the focused energy and spontaneity apparent in each scene. "I want to evoke the feeling of what a scene means to me when I look at it," Bayless says. "The vitality of color, the energy of the relationship of the viewer and the subject, whether it’s a vibrating, sunny landscape or a still controlled interior; those are the messages that are important to me."

Having lived in New York City for a number of years prior to relocating to San Francisco, Bayless enjoys return visits to gain inspiration for his art.  Our show features a number of paintings of scenes around the city to include Central Park, Wall Street, and mid-town.

The show opens on Friday, November 7th and runs through November 29th.  The artist will be on hand for the opening festivities.

Below are a few examples of work included in the exhibition:   

Flags, Rockefeller Center 30" x 30" oil on paper

Trinity Church, Wall Street 30" x 22" oil on paper
Bistro 28" x 24" oil on canvas
Flowers, Window 28" x 24" oil on canvas
Vallery View 30" x 30" oil on paper
Central Park 22" x 30" oil on paper
Park, Summer 24" x 28" oil on paper
Bouquet 32" x 28" oil on canvas
Valley 22" x 30" oil on paper
Garden 36" x 36" oil on paper
Man 45" x 36" oil on paper
Artist 30" x 22" oil on paper
Summer 30" x 22" oil on paper