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Matthew Dibble

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My wish is to live in the real world. I have a natural curiosity about my place on earth and a thirst for sincerity in all forms. These paintings are a glimpse into what happens when this very active inner life and the outer world come in contact.  

I’m trying to approach the work as a tradesman approaches his job, in a very ordinary way, with a watchful attention and a certain confidence that comes from experience while at the same time searching for something new. 

In the studio, my aim is to be fearless. For years, I believed that I was taking risks with my paintings. At one point, I questioned this belief. What was I risking? There was no danger except to my ego. I realized that I entered the studio with a picture of myself and a vision for my painting, and that both were huge obstacles to my creative process.

How could I lose this barrier? It may seem as if these questions have nothing to do with painting, but, like many artists, the way I approach my work is important to me. If I begin with the same mindset, I usually get the same results. I can always paint a clever picture, that’s not my goal. I’m trying to create work that's fresh, that has heart and authenticity, that's flavored with experimentation and discovery. I may often fall short, but it is the journey that has engaged me for the last 30 years.

Civil War Prize 36" x 24" oil on canvas
Hindu Builder 32" x 27" oil on canvas
Glamorous Acrobat 32" x 27" oil on canvas
Together with Moths 75" x 80" oil on canvas
Flop Sweat 55" x 47" oil on canvas
Hail Damage 50" x 46" oil on canvas
Prince Cranberry 75" x 52" oil on canvas
Public Letter Writer 68" x 80" oil on canvas
Dim Cheer 45" x 45" mixed media on canvas