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Edward Belbusti

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Belbusti uses his 30 years of experience in architecture as the foundation of my thinking about form.  He imagines the possibility of each sculpture existing in many different scales – from a desktop piece to a large public sculpture or an entire building.The vocabulary of his work is the clay slab along with the occasional use of steel and wood which he deforms in various ways to explore the balance, tension, and structure of the piece as well as the interplay between the components within the piece.

In some pieces, he uses surface texture and color to suggest that the piece could be made of steel, wood, plastic, or another generic material.  In a similar way, the scale of the piece is meant to be ambiguous, thus creating in the viewer’s imagination, the possibility of a monumentally scaled piece.

In the Touch Series, Belbusti uses the clay in an entirely different way.  He utilizes smooth terracotta clay burnished to a high polish.  This gives a highly sensual feeling to the piece that the viewer is invited to experience tactically as well as visually.Born in 1954, Edward Belbusti studied Architecture at Virginia Tech. He graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1981.  Prior to moving to Nashville in 1989, he worked as an architect in New York and Baltimore. In Nashville he worked for many years as University Architect at Vanderbilt University.  He retired from architecture and began his career as a sculptor in 2011. Even though retired from the field; he admits that architecture still plays a strong role in his artwork – especially in the freedom of expression of his own designs and concepts.   

Rural Leviathan 23
Windowpanes 19" x 15" x 12"
Origami II Steel 98" x 46" x 36"
View #2 Origami
View #3 Origami
Touch 31 14"x12" ceramic