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Diane White

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My still life paintings begin long before I even enter my studio.  Through years of combing antique shops and flea markets, I have collected many interesting pieces that find their way into my paintings.  More recently I have been trying to use ordinary objects such as take out containers and chopsticks, coffee cups, or fast food wrappings in a symbolic way or with a humorous twist. These “trash to treasure” paintings relate to our fast paced, throw away society, finding beauty in the ordinary. I frequently have a color concept or a theme that I am trying to express, and it often takes hours to get it right.  I arrange the light so it falls on the objects with interesting shadows, lost and found edges.  Then the painting begins, trying to capture the subtle nuances of light and color in the still life.  I finally enjoy choosing the frame that completes the still life painting.

Morning Has Broken 24" x 24" oil on canvas
Asparagus and Red Onions 20x16 oil on canvas
Cape Cod Catch 16" x 20" oil on canvas
Heirloom 12x24 oil on canvas
Hydrangeas in Glass 12x12 oil on canvas
Lilacs in Red Vase 24x18 oil on canvas
Cherry Blossom Branch 16x20 oil on canvas
Olive Jar and Sunflowers 20" x 16" oil on canvas
Thinking of Blue 16x20 oil on canvas